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Kamal & Cindy Punjabi Wedding Scarborough Gurudwara & Terrace Banquet Vaughn

Punjabi Wedding Photography

Why this video is special is because it was a gift from Cindy’s close friend, and MC, Rabina and the bridesmaids Manjot, Jessy, Manpreet, and Sheetal. I was filming Cindy’s mehendi and vatna ceremony when Rabina brought up same day edits. Once she found out that the couple did not purchase a highlight video, an idea came to her that she and the other bridesmaids could give that as her gift.

This was a first time for me and I just had to up my game another 50% (not that we don’t normally do a great job lol). I don’t have to tell you about whether they like it or not as I could see the crowd’s reaction while I filmed them watching. I also wanted to thank the MC’s for giving a real nice shout out to us for creating a mind blasting (I just had to add that in!) video.
Art of Video is truly a team effort. Long gone are those dayz where 1 videographer could do this on his own. Thanks to Tej, Roger, Harb, in being involved with the production and capturing of this event. You guyz did great!

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Sikh Punjabi Wedding Video Gurudwara Mississauga & Vaughn Ontario

Punjabi Wedding Photography

Art of Video presents the wedding of Amardip and Taranjit held on April 19-20, 2014 at Dunwin Gurudwara Mississauga and Le Jardin Vaughn Ontario. I met Amardip and Taranjit through a referral I received from a Photographer in the industry, they were friends from high school. When we met, we hit it off and our personalities seems to click, which is indeed important when we would be spending so much time together during this important time in their lives.

They both wanted something different for their highlights to be shown at the reception, which I proceeded with some of my ideas. Our brainstorming session was intense and fun and resulted in some very cool ideas. Winter set in and we kinda got busy in our lives and lost touch for a while until earlier this year when Taranjit contacted me with an idea she got inspiration from Esha Deol’s Wedding highlights.

Since they both are so family oriented, they want to involve their families in the video and make it something real. I loved this since we too are trying to move away from that whole bollywood stuff that was so trendy 5-10 years ago. The resulting video was a success with Taranjit praising us during her speech at the reception (see our facebook page for the video) which for me meant the world. Congratulations to you both and wish you a happy married life!

Cinematography: Art of Video
Photography: Radisson Photography
Sound and Lighting: Empire Entertainment

Fahmi and Sabreena's Wedding Video

Punjabi Wedding Photography

Sheikh Law Office

Punjabi Wedding Photography

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