About Us

Art of Video has been successfully serving the community since mid 2005. Why we are still around is that our videos are just getting better and better year after year. What we do is that we listen to our customers and their suggestions and then we incorporate it into our future products, after all, customers always know best. In addition, we regularly update our equipment so that we are using current technology to capture your event.

Our videos are considered to be a balanced approach of thoroughly covering the wedding event (including ceremonies, locations, and guests) with a sprinkle of artistry and creativity to engage our customer. Our prices start at $1500 for a SINGLE EVENING EVENT. We also would like to mention that we can handle your Photography needs too. 
The videos on our website are divided into categories (select on your right) for easy navigation.

Please take time to watch our work and Contact Us for an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

PS: Don’t forget to visit our YouTube Channel for more videos!
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