Cinematic Films: (Sikh, Hindu, Gujrati, Catholic Weddings) Pricing starts at $4995 for a full day coverage . This includes multiple cameras and professionals with various equipment to get that movie experience. Prices will vary and be adjusted upwards for weddings spanning over several days.

Traditional Videography: Packages Starts at $2750 for full day Coverage.  This includes 1 Videographer with a professional HD 1080p camera. 

Cinematic Films for Pakistani Weddings: Start at $5995 for 3 day weddings.

Traditional Videography for Pakistani Weddings: with 1 camera basic package starts at $3750 for 3 day weddings and $1500 for 1 event day 

Same or Next Day Edits: Start at $750 

For Photography: prices start at $2995 for full day coverage and for full resolution files on dvd only. 

Call us at +1289-752-6051 to find out more but do kindly note, we do not provide quotes over email. It’s best to come and visit and get to know us better. Look forward to chatting. 

Thank You. 

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